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Cheap Kayaks (Kayaks On Sale)

The table below shows all kayaks that are currently on sale at all of our recommended retailers. Please note that the table is sorted by product name rather than amount of the discount, so you’ll want to scan the whole table to find the best deals!

Tip #1: If you’re looking for a specific kayak you can use your browser’s search tool to search this page, but just search for the model name because some of the retailers seem to omit the make – e.g, search for Tsunami rather than Wilderness Systems Tsunami.)

Tip #2: While these will generally represent the best prices for a given product, it’s possible that a product could appear more than once if it’s on sale at more than one retailer. To verify that you’re looking at the best price, click on the More Product Info link and then click on the Comparison tab to view price comparison info.

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