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Folding Kayaks

Folding kayaks have actually been around for a long time but historically they cost so much that they were only attractive to people who absolutely positively couldn’t store or transport a rigid kayak. With the recent introduction of the Oru Kayak brand, that is no longer the case. Made in the USA, super durable and lightweight Oru Kayaks can go with you virtually anywhere. And at the end of your paddling day on the water, storage isn’t an issue thanks to a design that’s inspired by tight-space urban living and the art of origami.

day's end in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River

day's end in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River

How To Choose the Best Folding Kayak For You

There are currently three basic Oru Kayak models to choose from (Beach, Bay and Coast) although there are also + models of the Bay and Coast that include additional features. Rather than reiterating here all of the advantages and disadvantages that distinguish one type of kayak from others, please refer to How to Choose the Best Kayak For You and then come back here to compare the various Oru Kayak models.

The Best Folding Kayaks

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Make and ModelHull MaterialLengthWidthDepthCockpit SizeWeightFolded SizePrice
Oru Kayak Beach Folding Kayakfoldable polypropylene12'28"17"62" x 20"23 lbs.32" x 28" x 13"$1175
Oru Kayak Bay Folding Kayakfoldable polypropylene12'25"13"30" x 16"26 lbs.32" x 28" x 13"$1275
Oru Kayak Bay+ Folding Kayakfoldable polypropylene12'25"14"30" x 16"28 lbs.32" x 28" x 13"$1575
Oru Kayak Coast Folding Kayakfoldable polypropylene16'25"17"31" x 16"31 lbs.32" x 15" x 18"$1975